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Jaguar Land Rover Classic Car Covers

Protect your pride and joy for the years to come with a Custom Car Cover

Maintain your vehicle’s pristine condition with our new range of premium car covers. Whether you store your vehicle indoors or out, our made-to-order, custom-fit Jaguar and Land Rover car covers are designed to perfectly match the contours of your car and are embroidered with a choice of heritage Jaguar or Land Rover logos. 

With a combination of 22 colours, half covers and waterproof options, all available with added embroidery for a bespoke car cover, it can be difficult to know where to start. Let’s take a look at which classic car covers are the best for your classic Jaguar or Land Rover.

Custom Indoor Car Covers

Our Custom Indoor Car Covers are fully breathable, incredibly soft and provide an extra barrier to the damaging effects of fine dust, knocks, scrapes and scratches. You can also choose the colour and piping to match it to your classic vehicle.

Our Custom Indoor Car Covers are fully machine washable and come with a storage bag for your convenience.

From £470 £392

Indoor Car Covers

Land Rover
Indoor Car Covers

Custom Outdoor Car Covers

Our Custom Outdoor Car Covers ensure your pristine paint finish and chrome exterior elements are preserved from pollution and weather conditions, thanks to the use of silver nanotechnology fabric. The breathability of this fabric allows it to be put straight onto a wet car, with the rain simply evaporating away. Strong and stretchy, this car cover is suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

From £537 £448

Outdoor Car Covers

Land Rover
Outdoor Car Covers


These super soft and stretchy indoor car covers are the ideal solution if you’re looking for a fitted car cover without the expense of our fully bespoke range. It’s lycra blended, satin fabric allows the cover to cling to the car whilst its subtle sheen gives an elegant finish. 

The tightly knitted fleece-lined fabric of our super stretchy indoor car covers provides excellent protection from dust and other pollutants, as well as remaining breathable to prevent any build-up of condensation forming on the car.


Jaguar Super Stretch Indoor Car Cover

Land Rover Super Stretch Indoor Car Cover


Our Ultimate Outdoor Car Covers are made from a specially formulated advanced Nanotechnology fabric, giving a unique water-resistant coating to ensure long term protection and care for your car. These are the world’s first 'standard fit' car covers available in this fabric with its unique nanotechnology properties. 

Our Ultimate Outdoor Car Covers are manufactured from our most advanced fabric; fully waterproof*, fully breathable, strong and stretchy, making them extremely soft on the inside and extremely durable. 

These covers offer all of the benefits of our Custom Car Covers, but at a more affordable price. With three sets of fully detachable straps underneath to help secure the cover, one at each end and one in the middle, these covers are an extremely easy to fit, affordable option.

*whilst the fabric is waterproof occasionally some seepage may occur through the seams, this will evaporate naturally as the fabric is breathable

Jaguar Ultimate Outdoor Car Cover

Land Rover Ultimate Outdoor Car Cover


These waterproof half covers are specifically designed to protect the cockpit of the car, whether it’s to keep the frost off the windscreen in winter, to provide added protection for leaky roofs or to keep the interior cool in the summer.

This small and convenient cover is manufactured from silver polyester, making it waterproof and heat reflective. With its long elasticated straps and foldability, our half covers are extremely easy to store, without compromising on the security and protection of the vehicle. 


Jaguar Waterproof Outdoor Half Car Cover

Land Rover Waterproof Outdoor Half Car Cover

Models Available

The Jaguar Land Rover Classic Car Covers are available for the following models: 


  • Daimler Limousine - 1968/92
  • E-Type - 1961/75 - Roadster
  • E-Type - 1961/75 - Coupe
  • Series 3 saloon - 1979/92
  • S-Type 1999/08
  • XJ - 1995/97
  • XJ - 1998/03
  • XJ - 2003/09
  • XJ6 & XJ12 - 1987/94
  • XJS Sports Coupe/Convertible - 1975/96
  • XK8 Coupe/Convertible - 1997/06
  • X-Type 2001/10

Land Rover

  • Defender 90 1987/06
  • Discovery 1 - 1989/98
  • Discovery 2 - 1998/04
  • Discovery 3 - 2005/09
  • Freelander - 1996/06
  • Freelander 2 - 2006/14
  • Range Rover - 1994/01
  • Range Rover - 2002/09
  • Range Rover Classic - 1971/86
  • Range Rover Classic - 1986/91
  • Range Rover Classic - 1992/94

What you need to know before purchasing a classic car cover


Due to their bespoke nature, our car covers:

  • Are not covered by the 30-day returns policy, unless faulty. For faulty products please contact us.
  • While we make every effort to fulfil your order as quickly as possible, lead times do vary and can be up to 6 weeks during busy periods.
  • Will arrive separately from the main order.

Note: Due to the many variations in monitors and browsers, colours may appear different on different monitors and devices, and are not an exact representation of the cover's colour.




What type of car cover is best for classic Jaguars and Land Rovers?

At Jaguar Land Rover Classic Parts, we stock a variety of car covers to suit your specific requirements. If you’re storing your vehicle outside, our range of outdoor covers is the most suitable to ensure proper protection against elements like rain, UV rays, and dust, without causing scratches or damage to the paint. If you’re storing your car indoors, all of our full and half covers will provide full breathability and protection.

Do car covers protect against scratches?

Yes, our car covers provide an extra barrier to protect your car against fine dust, knocks, scrapes and scratches. By opting for a car cover that perfectly matches the contours of your Jaguar or Land Rover, you can ensure that the entire surface of your car is protected. 

How do you fit car covers?

Fitting instructions are provided with each custom-made car cover. Please wait for your car to cool before covering it, as hot exhausts or bonnets could cause a fire hazard.

Do car covers for classic cars come with a warranty?

Our range of classic car covers comes with a minimum of 12 months manufacturer's warranty to give you extra piece of mind that your classic car is protected to the highest standard.

Are there any tips for selecting the right size of car cover for my classic car?

Ensuring that your car cover matches the contours of your classic car ensures the effective protection of your car. Simply select your vehicle make and which type of car cover you prefer above, and our easy-to-use dropdown will provide you with a range of compatible models. For further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our knowledgeable team today.