Have you ever wondered, "How can I protect my classic car during the Winter?". Gear up, and explore our top storage tips designed to make sure your much-loved classic emerges from Winter with its timeless charm intact. 

Don't Fall Flat

After the Winter season is over, and you uncover your classic, the last thing you would want to see are unwelcomed flat-spots.

There are a few things that can be done to reduce the risk of encountering a flat-spot:

  • Tyre pressure - ensure your tyres are inflated before putting away for the Winter
  • Elevate your car - consider using axle stands to take the pressure off your tyres
  • Temperature - try storing your car in a temperate condition
Close up image of a tyreClose up image of a tyre

Squeaky Clean

Before your classic car gets tucked away for a cosy Winter, it's a good idea to give your vehicle a pre-storage clean.

Making sure there is no dust or debris will ensure the paint work maintains in pristine condition.

Plus, you will have a lovely clean car to enjoy when you reunite in the Spring.

Red Defender driving through water.Red Defender driving through water.

Around the block

It's a good idea to start the engine around once a month while your car is in storage - this will ensure everything stays in optimal condition.

Periodically taking your car for a drive around the block is suggested for the general longevity and maintenance of your vehicle.

Jaguar parked in a garageJaguar parked in a garage

If you are planning to store your classic car in the garage over the Winter months, there are some key preparations to ensure its pristine condition. 

  • For snug storage spaces, investing a dehumidifier is a great way to help get rid of moisture in the air.
  • By clearing out the space before hand will allow for better accessibility and also reduces the risk of damage to your classic car.
  • Rodents can cause damage to your car while it is tucked away. Implementing measures to deter rodents such as setting traps, will prevent any damage to your vehicle.



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