From road trips to Monaco to the simple pleasure of cruising round town, clear blue skies can mean only one thing: time to take the Classic out for a spin.

Both on and off the track, it’s important to make sure that everything’s in prime condition after the cold winter months. Thankfully, our Classic specialists go further than anyone to care for your vehicle. Our dedicated Servicing Team replicate the checks carried out at the time of original manufacture and combine them with modern detection technologies, ensuring the highest levels of performance and authenticity. If it’s your first visit to us, we recommend a full-day health check, including a thorough 121-point visual inspection and a detailed report from our specialists.

The inspection, and any work you choose to have done, will be recorded in your Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works Service Book – essential to maintaining the value of your vehicle.

Visit the Classic Works website now to find out more about seasonal check-ups.