The E-type defines the 60s in both aesthetics and spirit. A timeless classic, it’s alluring today as when it was first introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in 1961. Jaguar Land Rover Classic team created a limited edition of only 150 individually numbered collector’s badges. This stunning product is the finishing touch of the most influential automotive designs in history.

When it came to producing the badge, the company desired a level of craftsmanship attention to detail that would complement the vehicle’s legacy. That’s why, masters in their field, Fattorini was chose to bring this piece to life. Established in 1827, Fattorini is a family company renowned for their craft and designed. Most noted for their exemplary metal work, they have designed and manufactured medals for the British Military and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, including OBE and CBE. Using an original 1961 E-type badge as a template, the modern for has been reverse engineered utilising great leaps in modern technology and CAD. Pairing 21st century techniques with classic design has allowed Fattorini to create collector’s item with even more definition and detail than the original. It’s the tiny details that make this creation special. After the initial pressing of the parts, the badge is polished and then gold plated. Before each element is carefully assembled, bespoke details such as the chequered flag are added. The badge is now ready for one last meticulous polish, before being presented in the specially designed mahogany case that echoes the material and finish of the original steering wheel.

The finished product is now ready to take pride of place in the centre of your E-type Steering Wheel, or as a beautiful display piece in your home.

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