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  1. E-Type Gold Plated Horn Push Medallion - Limited Edition
    E-Type Gold Plated Horn Push Medallion - Limited Edition
    £689.80 £574.83
    E-type 1961 - 1975 Classic
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We supply genuine classic parts to thousands of owners, collectors & enthusiasts worldwide.

Our tailor made by Jaguar Land Rover service allows you to request one-off bespoke & unlisted from our Classic experts.

If you need any technical parts advice please  contact one of our Classic experts who will be happy to help.

Every part is carefully packed & shipped as quickly as possible, usually within one or two days. For more information click here.


Every classic Jaguar and Land Rover is a treasure to be cherished. When you bring your vehicle to Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works you’re bringing it home. Our purpose-built 14,000m2 Classic Works facility in Coventry has 54 workshop bays for everything from routine servicing to ground up restorations. The skills and expertise that originally created your classic vehicle are preserved here today.